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30-minute one-to-one Strategy Session

Meet Pankaj Singhal

Founder at PSA
Mentor and Educator
2 Decades of Corporate Experience

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Join 100+ People from around the world and learn the art of corporate workplace excellence

Clients from Various Industries


What do you get by Booking the Call

30 Minute one-to-one VIDEO session

E-Book on Corporate Challenges

INR 99/-

INR 999/-

What is the 30-Minute Discovery Call?

In this interaction, you will have the opportunity to
1. Discuss your
current challenges openly
2. Identify the
obstacles holding back your career
3. Share your frustrations about decision-making
4. Gain
insights from Pankaj on overcoming these challenges.

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  • Coached and Mentored numerous individuals through diverse programs

  • Founder of the Pankaj Singhal Academy [PSA]

  • Qualified Chartered Accountant

  • Occupied various leadership roles in multinational corporations within Finance and Accounting

  • He has led big teams of Finance and Accounting Delivery, Transformation, Transition, Data analytics and FP&A during a two decades corporate journey.

  • He is known for Problem-solving, and Streamlining careers and skills.

  • Honoured with multiple Leadership Awards for excellence in Projects and People Management.

What will you learn in the Program?

Communicating EFFECTIVELY when it’s Absolutely Needed




Selling your POINT OF VIEW to avoid being a YES MAN


Building a STRONG online presence on LINKEDIN




Delivering HIGH IMPACT presentations through REAL LIFE lessons

Guidelines / Important Note

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