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Cancellation and Refund Policy


Pankaj Singhal Academy ("PSA") strives to uphold the highest standards of service delivery and customer satisfaction. To ensure clarity and fairness in all transactions, PSA has established the following comprehensive Cancellation and Refund Policy:


1. Online Training Courses:

   - Cancellation: Online training courses offered by PSA are non-cancelable once the enrollment process is completed.

   - Refund: Payments for online training courses are non-refundable, regardless of the user's access or completion status. This policy is in compliance with applicable consumer protection laws.


2. Corporate Accounts & Discount Codes:

   - Cancellation: Corporate accounts and discount codes are non-cancelable, and any payments made are considered final.

   - Refund: PSA does not offer refunds for corporate accounts or discount code purchases. Users are responsible for reviewing terms and conditions before making a purchase.


3. Course Transfer:

   - Cancellation: Requests for course transfers are not permitted under any circumstances.

   - Refund: PSA does not provide refunds for course transfers. Users are advised to carefully select their courses before enrollment.


4. Masterclass, Webinar, Special Sessions:

   - Cancellation: Masterclass sessions, webinars, and special sessions are non-cancelable once the booking is confirmed.

   - Refund: Payments for masterclass sessions, webinars, and special sessions are non-refundable, as these events are scheduled based on confirmed bookings.


5. No Exceptions Policy:

   - PSA maintains a strict no-exceptions policy regarding cancellations and refunds for all its services. This policy ensures fairness and consistency for all users.


6. Governing Law:

   - This Cancellation and Refund Policy is governed by the laws of India, and any disputes arising out of or related to this policy shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in India.


7. Amendment of Policy:

   - PSA reserves the right to amend or update this policy at its discretion without prior notice. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on the PSA website.


8. User Responsibility:

   - Users are responsible for reviewing and understanding the terms of this policy before engaging in any transactions with PSA. By proceeding with a purchase, users acknowledge their acceptance of these terms.


9. Contact Information:

   - For inquiries or concerns regarding the Cancellation and Refund Policy, users may contact PSA at Our team is dedicated to addressing any questions promptly and effectively.


10. Compliance with Legal Requirements:

   - PSA is committed to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations governing consumer rights and protections. This policy is designed to align with relevant legal requirements and industry best practices.


PSA appreciates your cooperation and understanding of these policies, which are established to uphold integrity and transparency in all business dealings.

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